Raging Heroes’ Krezia The Black Mounts Up On Her Steed

September 11, 2019 by brennon

Krezia The Black is the leader of the Furianns in Raging Heroes' Fantasy world and so she deserves a steed worthy of her station. They have therefore now released a new miniature with her mounted atop a mighty Oriniax beast.

Krezia The Black On Oriniax - Raging Heroes

This rather impressive take on Krezia and her mount stands at a whopping 88mm tall meaning she is going to be lording it over most other warriors on the tabletop. Made of resin you will find the miniature packed full of detail and if you don't trust renders you can see a version of her below ready for painting...

Krezia The Black On Oriniax Model - Raging Heroes

This makes her another great option for those looking to make their own Fantasy army for the myriad of games out there or you could use her as the stand-in for a Chaos Lord and take command of your own themed Chaos warband in games of Age Of Sigmar?

I know that most folks are going to paint the character of Krezia in traditional barbarian colours (lots of leather and fur) but it would be cool to see how folks tackle the Oriniax. The image above places it in a wild and deathly hot landscape so you could run with a coal-coloured creature but I think it would look great in shades fo blue and purple!

What do you make of this new model?

"...it would be cool to see how folks tackle the Oriniax"

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