Raging Heroes Showcase More Valentine’s Day Specials

February 9, 2022 by brennon

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Raging Heroes have a few more Valentine's Day Specials for you to check out as the month of love rolls on. So, check out these "lovely" options for those who want to add something heart-stopping to their 28/32mm armies.

Yscarloth Valentines Special - Raging Heroes

Yscarloth, Valentine's Special // Raging Heroes

One of these is the impressive Yscarloth here who has been ripping and tearing her way through the realms. She has some lovely hearts in her hands but she has also utterly ripped apart a lot of different bodies in order to feed her curiosity.

Perhaps arrayed against her, we also have the Sisters War Pulpit. Here, the heart is slightly more symbolic.

Sisters War Pulpit Valentines Special - Raging Heroes

Sisters War Pulpit Valentine's Special // Raging Heroes

There is still plenty of Gothic and over-the-top grimdark to this particular piece. Failed followers have been lashed to this vehicle although these could also be painted as statues if you prefer. A very impressive way to carry your warrior nuns into the midst of battle.

Finishing things off from our selection, we also have this impressive Dark Elves War Machine which is absolutely laden with terrifying harpies.

Altar Of The Succubi Valentines Special - Raging Heroes

Altar Of The Succubi Valentine's Special // Raging Heroes

Another impressive centrepiece for your army of choice. The Valentine's bonuses across these miniatures are only small but they do add a little something which is nice. It's good that they don't entirely take over the miniatures and turn them into something that suddenly doesn't match the game worlds they are designed for.

Are you tempted to dive in and check out more from the Valentine's Day range? Take a look at more of the collection HERE.

Which one of these miniatures is your favourite?

"Are you tempted to dive in and check out more from the Valentine's Day range?"

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