Raging Heroes Preview More Piratical 3D Print Files Coming Soon

April 2, 2020 by brennon

Raging Heroes has been showing off some more of the upcoming 3D Printing Files they are going to be making available through their new service, Heroes Infinite. There is still a definite piratical theme to it all as you'll see from these three new characters.

Bird Eye Bonnie - Raging Heroes

Leading the way we have Bird Eye Bonnie who might be a bit familiar to those who have kept an eye on the expanding Raging Heroes range for a while. She seems like she is as cool as a cucumber and would no doubt be able to shoot the weapon out of a man's hand at the drop of a hat.

Following on from her we've got a slightly more wild-looking character with Zassaryah. Whereas Bonnie is nice and relaxed, Zassaryah seems like she is always at the prow of the ship, howling into the wind and challenging her enemies to come and fight her.

Zassaryah - Raging Heroes

I like that we're seeing Raging Heroes take what they've learned from tinkering with their existing demon range whilst then giving it a twist. She looks like she would be very fun to paint with a clash between her dirty piratical outfit and perhaps some bright and vibrant red or blue skin. I bet you could blend some colours through her hair as well to make her look even crazier.

Lastly, we've got Greywir who has pilfered some plunder like a good Dwarf and doesn't seem to want to let it go. I reckon you could have some fun trying to wrestle his treasure off him as he runs around the tabletop trying to hide it somewhere!

Greywir - Raging Heroes

Accountant seems like a viable title to give Greywir and I could imagine him being quite cutthroat when it comes to paying out what is owed to the crew. I'm sure there is a book of grudges around there somewhere too where he records those who have wronged him as well as those who have paid up!

We're still yet to find out exactly how this range will take shape but it looks like a nice collection for DIY 3D Printing enthusiasts. 

"Lastly, we've got Greywir who has pilfered some plunder like a good Dwarf and doesn't seem to want to let it go..."

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