Raging Heroes Update Their Classic & Badass Exemplar Sisters

August 25, 2020 by brennon

The team at Raging Heroes are focusing in on expanding and updating their range of Exemplar Sisters for use in your grimdark Sci-Fi games. The new designs are becoming bigger, better and even more badass as you'll see in some of the images down below.

New Exemplar Miniature - Raging Heroes

New Exemplar Miniature // Raging Heroes

One of the first things you'll notice with the miniatures is that they are getting bigger. The scale has increased to 35mm and this has allowed them to pack in a lot more detail on their armour, weapons and in their faces too. They have also added a lot more definition to the miniatures with cleaner lines and the ability to create a certain amount of volume to the sculpt too. You'll notice a lot more of this around the way the cloaks are formed and the hoods.

A lot of the miniatures are now going to be much easier to build too. Legs and Torsos now come together on the sprues meaning that you don't have to fiddle around as much and you can still get plenty of customisation out of them with heads and arms.

You'll also be getting some new characters in the set too like Excelsiel The Immaculate here...

Excelsiel The Immaculate - Raging Heroes

Excelsiel The Immaculate // Raging Heroes

She is just one of the new figures that is coming as part of the updated Exemplar range, again playing with that idea of volume and detail to make more dynamic miniatures on the tabletop. You can see the same thing here with Leariah St Clair, their Arch-Canoness.

Leariah St Clair - Raging Heroes

Leariah St Clair // Raging Heroes

As it stands, this seems like a good step in the right direction from Raging Heroes as they take one of their older collections and give it a bit of a spring clean. If the technology and sculpting hands behind these miniatures have got finer and more talented then it seems like a good idea to bring them back to the tabletop with even more detail for hobbyists to enjoy.

Exemplar Sister - Raging Heroes

Exemplar Sister // Raging Heroes

If this all appeals to you then you won't have long to wait until they are on their webstore. However, in the meantime, you can still pick up their Classic Exemplar Sisters over on their webstore. If you really want to complete your army using the old models then Raging Heroes have made sure that they have some leftover to offer you.

Are you a fan of the new look for the Exemplar Sisters?

"...you can still pick up their Classic Exemplar Sisters over on their webstore"

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