Raging Heroes Show Off Winter Fairies Patreon Range For August

July 29, 2020 by brennon

Raging Heroes has now revealed the big selection of miniatures that will be up for offer in August on their Heroes Infinite Patreon. This new selection of Fae creatures will be available for backers to download and print at home very soon indeed.

Winter Fairies Of The Enchanted Forest // Raging Heroes

Much like with the rest of their Heroes Infinite collection, this new set of Winter Fairies will feature a range of fantastic looking characters, some wild beast and quite a few mammoth miniatures as well. If you're looking to build up a collection of Fae warriors to use in your skirmish, mass battle or roleplaying games, this could be quite a good port of call.

Benoit, the Creative Director from Raging Heroes, also put together a video this week talking about why they've produced the Summer Fairies and the Winter Fairies so close together. You can have a watch here.

Heroes Infinite Update // Raging Heroes

If this range looks like it could be up your alley, make sure to back their Patreon and then show off how your miniatures are looking once you've printed them in the Projects section of our site. We'd love to see how you folks get along when working on these.

Are you interested in more Fairies?

"We'd love to see how you folks get along when working on these..."

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