Soda Pop Miniatures Shows Off Rail Raiders Minis

August 4, 2017 by thisisazrael

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On the back of their hugely successful Kickstarter, Soda Pop Miniatures has continued support for their title Rail Raiders Infinite with some gorgeous new raider minis.

Rail Raiders Game

Rail Raiders Infinite is a "chibi, sci-fi, rousing railway rummage" game (that's a mouthful) that supports competitive and cooperative play.

Rail Raiders Releases

Since it's release the game has been strongly supported with new raiders, bots, train car tiles, cards, dice and gameplay options.

You can see a tiny sample of the many updates above.

Cowpuncher Candy

First of the three newly announced raiders is Cowpuncher Candy. Candy is all about getting things done and showing off her blaster skills.

Her can-do attitude and blaster action has earned her a strong reputation and loving fan base.


Kingsman cast aside the spoils of the high-class family he was born into and instead took up hunting of the most dangerous beasts in the galaxy.

This choice hasn't been without trials though as Kingsman's body had to be rebuilt from robotic prosthesis after a hunting accident, but this hasn't stopped him from rejoining the hunt and the occasional train heist.

El Cola

Finally, we have El Cola, a mysterious furry swashbuckling hero of unknown origin. El Cola attacks in flurries of quick rapier slashes and quickly made a name for himself in the world of banditry.

El Cola now regularly works with Candy as they share a love for adventure and justice.

I love the style of these Ninja Division models and enjoy seeing so many different genres feeding into their design.

What do you think of this chibi take on train heists?

"Rail Raiders Infinite is a chibi, sci-fi, rousing railway rummage game..."

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