A Rampaging Rhino Joins the Axibalán Empire of ShadowSea

March 10, 2014 by dracs

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It's time to smash through a few gates as AntiMatter Games put the finishing touches on Hlotl Gate Smasher, the heavy hitter for the Axibalán Empire.

Hlotl Gate Smasher

Hlotl Gate Smasher 2

Hlotl Gate Smasher 3

Hlotl Gate Smasher 4

Hlotl Gate Smasher 5

Rhinos may be on the endangered species list, but this guy looks as though he is ready to fight back.

The sculpt stands at 45mm to the eye, making him a truly massive miniature that will loom over all the others on the tabletop. The skin is very well textured, while the stance loses none of the animalistic brutality you would expect from such a figure.

Fancy taking Hlotl Gate Smasher out clubbing?

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