RelicBlade’s Ranger & Fighter Ready For An Adventure

August 26, 2016 by brennon

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RelicBlade's creators Metal King Studios have shown off the finished render work for their Ranger which also turned into a sculpt for the Fighter too.


Here we have the finished Ranger that we saw taking shape a little over a week ago. He's now looking excellent with his bow and arrows as well as that hatchet by his side for close quarters action. A proper wild roamer this one.

We also have the more battle scarred version of this character in his Fighter guise.


He has a similar pose to the Ranger of course but with the arm swap you turn him into a man with a sword and shield instead. Foot-on-Rock syndrome is still prevalent here but overall the sculpt has created another impressive character for their game.

More enemies are on the way soon too apparently!

Did you dive into RelicBlade?

"A proper wild roamer this one..."

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