Take Rangers Of Shadow Deep Into The Temple Of Madness

April 2, 2019 by brennon

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Joseph A. McCullough has now released the newest supplement for Rangers Of Shadow Deep. The Temple Of Madness adds a new set of quests into the mix for your solo adventures, building on your grizzled crew that has most likely already battled through the Main Book and Blood Moon.

Rangers Of Shadow Deep Temple Of Madness

For weeks the soldiers of Alladore have lost nearly every battle and skirmish they have fought, and it is clear that some dark sorcery is at work. With the fate of the kingdom at stake, the Rangers are sent into the Shadow Deep to try and locate the source of this magic and end the threat. To accomplish this task, however, they must face the horrors of the Temple of Madness…

You will find four new scenario missions designed for Rangers who are going from Level five through to fifteen. As well as that the book will contain rules for magic, expanding on the range of spells available to your band of heroes. You'll also find new magical equipment for your heroes to wield and a few new companions too.

I'm really excited to see just what McCullough has done with Temple Of Madness and what stories can be told, expanding on this dark and shadowy world. There is a great group you can join HERE on Facebook where the community is sharing all sorts of awesome things to do with the game.

Will you be snapping this up?

"I'm really excited to see just what McCullough has done with Temple Of Madness..."

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