Join The Ravenblades Mercenaries In DGS Games’ Freeblades

February 27, 2020 by brennon

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DGS Games has shown off another new model coming soon to support their Fantasy world of Freeblades. Here we have the Ravenblade of the mercenary company known by the same name. Check out the painted model...

Ravenblade #1 - DGS Games

This new model will find her way into the collection soon and gives you another dashing looking warrior who will be ready to hold the line for you; if you can pay her of course. Rules for her are available already as part of the Freeblades Living Rulebook which you can grab right now.

Ravenblade #2 - DGS Games

I really like the steps that DGS Games have taken towards creating more awesome looking miniatures that would be superb for Freeblades of course but also further afield too if you wanted to make them a multi-use range. I think a lot of the DGS Games range would be perfect for those seeking out their next roleplaying hero.

So, if you're looking to add another hardened fighter into the mix for Freeblades then you won't have to wait long!

What do you make of the Ravenblade?

"What do you make of the Ravenblade?"

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