Let Arrows Fly With Gripping Beast Shieldmaidens

August 27, 2019 by brennon

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Gripping Beast have some new options for those building up a Viking warband to use in SAGA. Here we have the Shieldmaiden Archers set which will give you some alternative Levy to throw into the mix.

Shieldmaiden Archers - Gripping Beast

Whilst the image here shows just four Archers you will get yourself twelve of them in the set, enough to form a proper unit. There is a pool of these four to choose from so there might be a bit of variation in what metal figures you get.

As both Lloyd and I have said, Archers get such a raw deal in most wargames. They are usually made so useless that there's very little point worrying about them! Once you get down the skirmish level though with a handful of models on each side having access to a bow can make you a deadly shot, just as I'd hope.

So, whilst you can use these as your SAGA Levies I would also suggest maybe bringing them into a more man-to-man style game like Blood Eagle or Ragnarok perhaps?

Will you be picking these up?

"...you will get yourself twelve of them in the set"

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