Ready the Vodka, the Russians are Coming to Dystopian Wars.

April 6, 2012 by brennon

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The French have already joined the battle for Earth in Dystopian Wars from Spartan Games, but now the Russian Bear has been poked and the Coalition is moving to have dominion over all...

Russian Flag

Check out some of the preview shots below of both sea and land vehicles in the mighty White Army...

Borodino Class Battleship...

Borodino Class Battleship

Suvorov Class Frigate...

Suvorov Class Frigate

Kursk Class Land Dreadnought...

Kursk Class Land Dreadnought

Massive troop carriers, huge tower crushing tanks, gargantuan battleships armed to the teeth and the largest land army in the world behind them. The might of the White Army is certainly something to be wary of.

I am loving the Kursk Dreadnought right now from the previews, a great looking tank with some amazing detail going into the render. Got to hope the model will look as good, and with Spartan Games they invariably do.

Will you be donning your furry hat and joining the Russian Coalition?

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