Reaper Miniatures Bring a Host of New Releases

August 4, 2011 by dracs

The guys at Reaper Miniatures have been in a flurry of activity with a veritable host of new releases over a wide selection of their ranges.

First up are the releases for the Dark Haven Legends range.

Barbed Devil

Barrow Wight Guardian

Both of these would be perfect for use in any fantasy style RPG you might play. The Wight Guardian in particular could provide a an excellent alternate piece for an undead army.

The next additions can be found for the Chronoscope range.

Edna, the Crazy Cat Lady

Sparg, Illyrian Agent


I particularly like the crazy cat lady miniature here. Who doesn't have a soft spot for crazy cat ladies? Possibly she might find a place in Cthuluhu type games.

For the Pathfinder range we have this almost Piratical looking figure, the Pathfinder agent.

Lastly, Reaper have brought forth some new releases for their Savage Worlds selection.



Texas Ranger

These are three particularly nice Wild West figures and I hope to see them making appearances in people's games of a certain Western style skirmish game.

What do you all think of these? Is there any miniatures you particularly like?

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