Rebel Minis Drop NUTS! Big Battles & Warrior Heroes PDF Rules

September 9, 2020 by brennon

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Rebel Minis has introduced two sets of rules onto their webstore for you to download in PDF form. One of them dives into Historical wargaming and the other enters a realm of Fantasy.

Nuts Big Battles - Rebel Minis

Nuts! Big Battles // Rebel Minis

The first of these is Nuts! Big Battles which allows you to dive in and play through Company sized games on the tabletop and beyond. You take on the role of a Commander and can play solo, cooperative or versus games using these rules.

The idea is that these rules can also be used with all manner of miniatures from World War II and in a variety of sizes too. Included in the book you'll find rules for infantry, vehicles, four armies (American, British, German & Russian) plus a set of missions which can flow into a campaign. The campaign itself doesn't require a lot of bookkeeping which is always a plus.

Fantasy Tabletop Adventures

As well as Nuts! Big Battles you can also download Warrior Heroes: Legends.

Warrior Heroes Legends - Rebel Minis

Warrior Heroes: Legends // Rebel Minis

In this set of rules, you are looking to dive into a skirmish level experience where you take on the role of a single character or perhaps a warband that fights to win fame and fortune with your adventures. You will be leading a small band of heroes through their world of Talomir and guide them through a campaign-based system again features minimal bookkeeping to allow you to stay focused on the action.

All of this is done without the need for a Games Master and there are rules within to make a range of heroes from different classes and races. You've also got a boatload of spells and plenty of weapons to get to know during your adventures too. All of this is handled through a system which is meant to be quick and brutal.

This seems like a good way to dive in and play a game with the vast array of miniatures we all tend to have in our collections. Are you tempted to give either of these a shot?

Let me know in the comments below...

"This seems like a good way to dive in and play a game with the vast array of miniatures we all tend to have in our collections..."

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