Recon The River With New Sarissa Precision Ltd Terrain

May 29, 2019 by cassn

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Sarissa Precision Ltd are rolling along the river with their latest series of MDF terrain releases! These latest additions to their collection are perfect for a lazy riverside town tabletop.


Also known as poleboats or flatboats, a Keelboat is a distinctive vessel, notable by their exposed deck and shallow keel. They were commonly used by early American settlers for exploration and goods transport, especially of bulkier cargo.


Alongside their Keelboat, Sarissa Precision Ltd have also released a really cool Cable Ferry. The versatility of this design means it could be used in a number of historical and fantasy scenarios (although I keep imagining it as the Bucklebury Ferry from Lord of the Rings!).

Both kits, supplied unassembled and unpainted, are available now. You can check them out in further detail here.

What scenario would you set up with these terrain pieces? Tell us below!

"Perfect for a lazy riverside town tabletop!"

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