US Reinforcements & A Soviet Walker Jump Into Konflikt ’47

January 30, 2017 by brennon

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If you're a fan of Warlord Games' & Clockwork Goblin's Konflikt '47 then you'll want to check out what popped up over the weekend as part of their growing range.

Firefly Jump Infantry

First up we have the Firefly Jump Infantry for the US who have been given the latest technology to allow them to jump into the fighting, secure objectives and get behind enemy lines for a flanking attack.

Following them, supporting from afar we also have the US Kodiak Walker which looks as bearish as its name would suggest.

US Kodiak Walker

Armed with some utterly devastating guns it can lay down a withering amount of fire. You can reduce units to bloody chunks in a round of shooting or even blast apart light vehicles if you're lucky. The design is great too, effectively a walking gun emplacement.

If you want to counter the enemy armour then a US Bazooka Team will help. You don't want your Kodiak under fire too early after all.

US Heavy Bazooka Team

The team comes with one spotter and the second hefting that mighty Bazooka. While I've generally liked the look of the infantry in Konflikt '47 I don't really like this pair. Something about their stance seems off to me, a bit like they are awkwardly posed action figures.

Soviet Firepower

If you're looking for a target then maybe this Soviet Cossack Light Walker fits the bill.

Soviet Cossack Light Walker

This has a very different look to it, which is nice when it comes to Weird World War models. The feel is distinctly more 'modern' and almost a little bit Sci-Fi. You can still feel the distinct 'Weird' edge though in the way the armour plates have been designed and those big rivets.

Will you be siding with the US or the Soviets?

"The design is great too, effectively a walking gun emplacement..."

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