SAGA II Release Date Set For February 2018 In New Previews

January 15, 2018 by brennon

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You can relax now and get your warbands ready for SAGA II which looks like it's going to be hitting in February! A lot of folks had speculated that this might be the date of release for a while now but we've got something a bit more firm from Studio Tomahawk now.

SAGA II Cover - Studio Tomahawk

Admittedly, most of what we're seeing here is in French right now but it gives you a look at the new cover of the book as well as a peek inside its pages too...

SAGA II Interior - Studio Tomahawk

As you can see, things appear to be laid out in a much neater fashion than they were in the old book and it seems like it will be easy to follow through as you're learning the game.

Viking Supplement

We also got to see the new Age Of Vikings/Viking Age Book as well.

SAGA The Age Of Vikings - Studio Tomahawk

This will be the first supplement which works alongside the main rules. Inside this book, you'll find all that you need to bring together warbands from this period of history and fight it out on the tabletop. It makes sense that they'd start here considering this is the true age of sagas!

SAGA II Normans Interior - Studio Tomahawk

Do you have your eyes on a new warband for the world of SAGA in its newest incarnation? Many of the existing factions are carrying over which is nice so maybe it's time to put together a warband that is the exact opposite of the one you've been collecting as a sworn enemy?

Will you be snapping this up?

"...things appear to be laid out in a much neater fashion than they were in the old book"

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