TTCombat Release Dropfleet & Dropzone Range + Special Cruiser!

January 29, 2018 by brennon

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TTCombat has now released the entire of the Dropfleet Commander and Dropzone Commander range onto their webstore, allowing you to get stuck back into collecting and building your fleets and armies.

TTCombat Logo

You can pick up miniatures from their webstore now using the images below...

Dropzone Commander

Dropfleet Commander

...but one of the coolest additions to the releases was the fact that they've got themselves a new fancy Cruiser to give away during their launch promotion.

Remnant Centurion Cruiser

This fellow, the Remnant Centurion Cruiser, will be available until February 4th so if you'd like to snap it up make sure to head on over to their webstore.

Remnant Centurion Cruiser #1

"The Centurion class was the most common vessel of cruiser tonnage in the pre-war EAA Terran Grand Fleet. It’s simple but effective all-gun primary armament provides an excellent blend of destructive power and reliability. Examples of the class still operating today require low weapon maintenance, a welcome factor that certainly isn’t the case with some of the more esoteric and experimental armaments in mankind’s pre-war arsenal."

Remnant Centurion Cruiser #2

This fellow will be available to both UCMF and PHR fleets in the game which is pretty awesome. You can find the experimental rules for using it on the tabletop HERE.

Beyond this launch period, you will still be able to pick this Cruiser up but only at events throughout 2018.

Are you ready to dive back into the worlds of Dropzone & Dropfleet?

"...the Remnant Centurion Cruiser, will be available until February 4th"

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