Return To The Circle Undone In New Arkham Horror Expansion

September 9, 2021 by fcostin

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If you are a fan of Arkham Horror, there is a new upgrade expansion available through the mist and the fog surrounding the title. As Fantasy Flight Games are taking players on a trip into some brand new spooky and scary content, in Return to the Circle Undone.

Arkham Horror - Image One

Box Contents // Arkham Horror: Return to the Circle Undone

The new upgrade expansion comes with a brand new story to unlock. With new scenario cards and encounter sets, each investigation will find new dangers to avoid and exciting goals to meet.

There are also new player cards included in the expansion - with some upgraded ones too, allowing players to have new tools and options to explore under the umbrella of a tip-top investigator.

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Tarot Card Preview // Arkham Horror: Return to the Circle Undone

Considering the theme of fate, witchcraft and spirituality, Return to the Circle Undone comes with 22 tarot cards, depicting the major arcana. These cards can be added in to the campaign, with the ability to perform game-specific card readings, and allow the power of fate to control your future outcomes. But remember, each tarot card incorporates two meanings depending on how the card has been drawn, upright will see your path on a positive journey, whereas reversed will do quite the opposite.

Returning to the Circle Undone will provide a brand new remix of the previous The Circle Undone campaign, adding new scenarios to contend with the dark and creepy that lurk in the shadows:

"One moment you may find yourself questioning Senator Nathaniel Rhodes (Return to the Circle Undone, 25) about the machinations of Silver Twilight, the next you might be mounting a Nightgaunt Steed (Return to the Circle Undone, 61) to explore the empty space between realms."

Return to the Circle Undone is now available to be purchased at any FLGS store or online retailer today. But don't forget - to ensure you can play this expansion to it's entirety and full purpose - a copy of the Arkham Horror base game will be required.

Will you be returning to the Circle Undone?

"Return to the Circle Undone comes with 22 tarot cards, depicting the major arcana..."

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