Lead Your Revenants To Victory With New Oathmark Heroes

August 11, 2021 by brennon

Some new metal releases have hit North Star Military Figure's webstore for those diving into the Fantasy world of Oathmark: Battles Of The Lost Age. We kick things off with the Revenant Champions set which gives you a set of heroes to drop into duels.

Revenant Champions - Oathmark

Revenant Champions // Oathmark

Champions are great ways to cut down enemy heroes and add plenty of power to your regiment's charge. This set continues the style and theme of the rest of the Revenants range which leans on Celtic designs. If you're looking to build an army themed after the dead of Tolkien's Middle-earth then they should be perfect for it!

The second set features a range of characters that you can use to tweak your units with some unique figures or use as leaders for your army.


Necromancer, Undead King, Drummer // Oathmark

I particularly like the Undead King with that spear held in his ice-cold grip. He looks incredibly mournful and he would be rather spooky to face on the tabletop in a clash! The Necromancer is also pretty neat but I think I'd rework him to be an actual wizard. I love the idea that perhaps that skull in his hands is his previous lord who continues to give him blessings from beyond the grave.

Are you going to be picking up these new metal sets for Oathmark?

"I particularly like the Undead King with that spear held in his ice-cold grip..."