RN Estudio Take To Patreon With 3D Prints & A Starter Pack

February 26, 2020 by brennon

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RN Estudio has plenty of neat models for you to snap up in their webstore but they also have a Patreon running where you can pick up STL files instead so that you can print off the models at home. There are packs of models coming out each month but to get you on the 3D Printing path they also have a Starter Pack.

Starter Pack Models - RNE Studios

This set comes with 3D printable files which allow you to make this alternative fellowship of miniatures alongside the bases which work for each of them. If you're looking for a different array of skirmishing heroes and potential roleplay options then these would be a rather nice shout indeed.

As I mentioned before, this selection of options are also available in model form over on their webstore if you go and search their individual names (listed above) but it's nice that they have presented hobbyists with an alternative too.

The Patreon kicks off in March in earnest so make sure to get signed up if you'd like some more fun models to tinker with.

Will you be signing up?

"The Patreon kicks off in March in earnest..."

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