RN Estudio Reveals Patreon Miniatures For A Bloody Arena

August 27, 2020 by brennon

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RN Estudio has shown off their new Patreon offerings for September with backers of their project being able to get themselves wargaming miniatures for Ways To Glory, Blood And Sand. If you're looking for some arena heroes to tackle monsters and more on the tabletop then this might be worth a look.

Way To Glory Blood & Sand - RNEStudio

Way To Glory, Blood & Sand // RN Estudio

The set contains a bunch of very cruel-looking gladiators from a selection of different races. I reckon you could either use these in a single game as different combatants or instead play around with them as a bunch of escaped fighters who are looking to bring down the empire that put them in the arena in the first place. I really like the Minotaur and the Dwarf who is charging forward with axe raised.

As with all of these Patreons, you pledge a certain amount of money each month to their cause and as a reward, you get access to 3D Printable STL Files which you can then work on at home. This has become quite the trend as of the last few months and a lot of companies are getting involved with it as a source of revenue.

Check Out RN Estudio's August Offerings

If you like the look of these miniatures then you can also pick up August's range as we still have a few days left. This set heads Into The Magic Forest.

Inside The Magic Forest - RNEStudio

Inside The Magic Forest //RN Estudio

Whilst I do like Dwarves I am also very fond of Fae creatures and I think that this is a good selection of characters that could be heroes in roleplaying games and skirmish wargames. I particularly like the warriors with the wooden masks and I reckon you could use the fellow with the spear and bow as the same character, just at different levels in a D&D campaign.

Also, it's really hard to pass up checking out a massive Treeman/Golem. Who wouldn't want one of them in their army?!?

Are you a fan of these new Patreon miniatures?

"Are you a fan of these new Patreon miniatures?"

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