Rock The Magic The Gathering Clash Pack!

June 15, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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July is right around the corner, which means the release of Wizards of the Coast's Magic the Gathering's new Core Set for 2015! And to think, I just got really comfortable with my 2014 Pacifism deck!

MTG 2015

The 2015 Core Set will offer a new twist in addition to the booster packs, intro packs and Fat packs - The Clash Pack! Come on, without knowing anything more, it's title has me wanting one!

Clash Pack

The Clash Pack will provide instant game play for 2 potentially new Magic players right out of  the box. These decks are meant to offer beginner level play in 2 complete decks, but with additional instructions to combine cards from each deck to allow growth in a player's game as their skill advances. These decks are not meant to replace Event Decks, but will be released in alternate rotations.

The Clash Decks will include:

2 Ready to play, 60 card decks

6 Premium foil cards with alternate art (Yes I said 6! Six foils!)

Deck Box

Strategy insert

Magic rules and reference card

What a perfect way to introduce a friend to the ever changing world of Magic? Oh who am I kidding? The had me at 6 premium foils! What do you think, is this something you and a mate might try?


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