Rouse A Rabble With New Forge World Necromunda Gangers

July 5, 2022 by brennon

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The Underhive of Necromunda and the blasted planes of the Ash Wastes are home to all manner of individuals who are looking to earn a credit or two. With the help of these new Forge World Gangers, you might find a few new recruits being turned to your cause.

Propogandist - Necromunda

Propogandist // Necromunda

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There are two new miniatures being added into the mix soon. We start with the Propagandist who is ready to spread all manner of dirty rumours and sway the people to your cause. I can't wait to see what designs people paint onto those TV screens, working the narrative into this miniature from their own campaigns. Maybe there is a particularly annoying member of your group who always seems to win their games. Start the revolution against them with one of these chaps!

If you want to get people riled up, you need a good.

Agitator - Necromunda

Agitator // Necromunda

Clearly, a law-abiding citizen who has in no way incited any riots. This fellow is going to be fun to see extolling the virtues of a particular creed before he scampers off into the shadows when the Enforcers come knocking.

The Propagandist can be hired by any gang as a Hanger-On. The Agitator can only join Outlaw gangs but offers up a fun way to add some character to your band of miscreants and cutthroats. I do think a riot scenario could be kind of fun. Have the hive almost full to bursting with a crowd of Outlaw miniatures in a packed market when one spark (the Agitator) sets the fire ablaze.

It could be interesting trying to achieve an objective whilst in the midst of a close-quarters fight. The player controlling the Enforcers then has to push through the crowds and take down the right targets.

Are you tempted by these upcoming Forge World miniatures?

"Clearly, a law-abiding citizen who has in no way incited any riots..."

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