Rubicon Models Release New Teaser Pictures

December 21, 2018 by cassn

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Rubicon have made Christmas come early with their image previews of a few new models we will be seeing soon from the miniatures manufacturer.

First up, let's have a look at the new horse sculpt, complete with harness!


Personally, I think the detail on this model is amazing. I love the sculpt around the horse's muscle, and I think the harness, even unpainted, already has that worn leather look.


I think there's a lot of applications for this model on the tabletop - horses are, after all, too often the unsung soldiers of war.

Next up, Rubicon have created a really cool German Infantry Briefing sculpt.


These images of the 3D prototypes once again are incredibly detailed - just look at the creases on the uniforms!


I particularly like the dynamic, engaged posing of the officer compared to the soldiers, who look a little worn down by war.


These would look absolutely amazing on a historical tabletop, maybe in a wooded area, hidden away for a secret meeting. They will be available shortly through the Rubicon website.

What do you think about the detailing on these sculpts?

"Incredibly detailed - just look at the creases on the uniforms!"

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