Rule From Beyond The Grave In KAM’ON

April 4, 2019 by cassn

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You have lived a good, noble, Egyptian life and had the correct burial, but now you find yourself unhappy with your eternal afterlife. Emboldened by mystical forces, you decide to gather together your organs from their canopic jars and reclaim your throne. However, you are not the only undead royal with the same idea it seems!


KAM'ON is a strategic card game which balances bartering, deception, and aggression to create a card game which immerses players in the world of ancient Egypt. Barter with your opponents to create uneasy alliances, but beware! Trickery and deception are integral to KAM'ON, and the card you are promised may not be the card you get - if you even get a card at all!


Find the best combination of spells and artefacts to create powerful, sometimes lethal attacks. Alternatively, call upon the will of the gods to step forth and unleash otherworldly chaos against your enemies. Scheme, battle and barter your way back to your rightful place as Pharoh of Egypt!


KAM'ON is an interesting card game with some beautiful artwork. While the characters may be undead, the Kickstarter is currently very much alive, so check it out here.

Did you know: Egyptian Pharaohs were most likely clean shaven, but wore fake, braided beards to resemble the god Osiris! Give us your best Egyptian facts below!

"Gather together your organs from their canopic jars and reclaim your throne!"

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