Rules Of Engagement Drop For Wyrd’s The Other Side

May 6, 2019 by brennon

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Wyrd Games dropped some more details for those delving into The Other Side. The first of these little snippets was the coming of The Rules Manual for the game.

The Other Side Rules Manual - Wyrd Games

The Rules Manual is a dinky sized book which has been created for those that don't want to be carting around a big book when playing their games. It contains all of the information you need for playing the game without all of the additional fluff, background and unit cards that the main book contains.

Spirits & Soldiers

In addition to the news about the upcoming Rules Manual we also have two previews for upcoming characters. The first of these is Binh Nguyen.

The Other Side Binh Nguyen - Wyrd Games

Being a spirit and tied into the world of Malifaux, he is able to draw his power from dark places making him tough to kill. You'll find him becoming a character of note for those who like the Court of Two.

We also have a new character for The Guild.

The Other Side Samantha Thrace - Wyrd Games

Samantha Thrace is a hardened soldier who is equally as adept at cutting off heads as she is commanding her troops to greater feats of courage. It's all looking very cool for those who are delving into The Other Side.

Have you given this a go yet?

"The Rules Manual is a dinky sized book..."

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