The Russian Coalition Expands the Empire in Dystopian Wars

July 5, 2012 by brennon

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The Russian Coalition for Dystopian Wars is expanding with a new wave of releases cresting the waves, flying through the smoke and thundering across frozen fields. Check out the latest models from Spartan Games...

Russian Coalition - Moskva Class Dreadnought

Let's keep to the seas for now with a look at the new vessels loading the ammo and getting ready for war. Above you can see the Moskva Class Dreadnought which looks like a floating citadel more than a ship!

Russian Coalition - Borodino Class Battleship

Russian Coalition - Suvorov Class Cruiser

But it's not just the seas that are the scene of a Russian expansion. Check out the flying units also making their way onto your battlefields...

Russian Coalition - Myshkin Class Bombers

Russian Coalition - Tiny Flyer Tokens

It's some of those UFO looking flyers from when we first saw the models! They actually look rather eerie. Is it just me that want's to see a massive airship like from Red Alert in this army? I know the Prussians already have one but it would be nice to see the Russians get one too.

Russian Coalition - Belgorod Class Land Ship

Russian Coalition - Vorkuta Class Land Driller

There's also some land forces coming out too. A massive rumbling fortress of guns and armour complete with domed roof protecting what I assume is the bridge. Also the Land Driller is an interesting piece and it will be interesting working out what it's role on the battlefield is.

Russian Coalition - Tower Set

And if you want a little bit of terrain to adorn your battlefield then you will certainly be wanting this Russian Tower Set. I love the idea that this existing historic building was claimed for the war effort and they stuck guns on top of it.

Is the Russian Coalition your new fleet in Dystopian Wars?

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