Sail With The New Ottoman Corsairs In TTCombat’s Carnevale

January 30, 2023 by brennon

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TTCombat has expanded its collection of 32mm miniatures for use in Carnevale. The latest characters to join the battles in Venice are the Ottoman Corsairs who are prepping plenty of firearms and sharp swords.

Ottoman Corsairs - Carnevale

Ottoman Corsairs // Carnevale

This set comes with a band of seafaring companions for your Patricians. Arriving from Constantinople, you get the likes of the Ottoman Janissary who will dominate in combat. You've also got the Cannoneer who is lugging around a particularly hefty ranged weapon that will be able to put holes in most things.

Ottoman Cannoneer - Carnevale

Ottoman Cannoneer // Carnevale

You've also got the Ottoman Rigger who can climb over terrain with ease and then strike from where you least expect them. Two Noble Seafarers then finish off the collection and offer up some mighty fine fighters who can fight as well in water as they do out of it.

Noble Seafarer - Carnevale

Noble Seafarer // Carnevale

The set gives you another colourful set of characters for use in the ever-expanding game of Carnevale.

Ottoman Corsairs Action - Carnevale

Ottoman Corsairs In Action // Carnevale

I like that TTCombat are looking at introducing more and more cultures into the mix for the different factions and it means that there's plenty more for you to get your head around when it comes to assembling your perfect warband.

Could you be tempted by these new Ottomans from TTCombat?

"This set comes with a band of seafaring companions for your Patricians..."

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