Snap Up Savage Core Beasts & New Rules From Lucid Eye

July 3, 2024 by brennon

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Lucid Eye has been releasing some awesome new miniatures for Savage Core 2 as well as the rules for the game. There is a great collection of beasts for their Pulp skirmish game but you could also use these for the myriad of other games out there like Frostgave for example!

Saber-tooth Tiger - Lucid Eye

Saber-tooth Tiger // Lucid Eye

There are some classics of the genre for you to scoop up including the deadly Saber-Tooth Tiger. You could imagine one of these creatures looming over you, ready to strike from atop a rocky outcrop.

Sticking with classic beasts, there are also the likes of the Cave Bear, perhaps roused from its slumber. Remember that if you see the cubs then don't go up and cuddle them as the mum will be nearby!

Cave Bear - Lucid Eye

Cave Bear // Lucid Eye

You could also be introduced to a hunting pack of Dire Wolves, stalking through the woods or the frozen tundra, looking to take you down as you struggle against the elements. I like these sculpts and the bonus is that they should paint up really quickly, allowing you to drop them into games without much hassle!

Dire Wolves - Lucid Eye

Dire Wolves // Lucid Eye

If you're going down the route of more prehistoric creatures, you can also introduce the likes of the Terror Bird.

Terror Bird - Lucid Eye

Terror Bird // Lucid Eye

The Terror Bird might look nice but as the name suggests, it will peck you to death or cut you to ribbons with its talons. What's neat about this range of miniatures is that each of these is effectively a scenario set-up. You could have stumbled on a sleeping bear, need to raid a clutch of eggs lorded over by the Terror Bird and everything in between.

Last but not least, you also have a Pulpy Raptor for you to introduce into this Lost World-style scenario. Mix these with the miniatures from Savage Core but also perhaps look at using these alongside some Crooked Dice or Antediluvian miniatures to get that proper Pulpy vibe going.

Raptor - Lucid Eye

Raptor // Lucid Eye

With all of these new miniatures popping up, I should also tell you that you can also get your hands on Savage Core 2: The Pulp Skirmish Game Set Within Earth's Core.

Savage Core 2 - Lucid Eye

Savage Core 2 // Lucid Eye

In Savage Core 2, you play as one of six major factions who have been tasked with surviving the harsh wilderness forgotten by the world above the Skydome. The game has been crafted and tweaked by Space McQuirk,  Steve Saleh and Joe Saleh and has you battling against dinosaurs, surviving earthquakes and avoiding magma flows. You'll also find loads of different ways to customise your warband, facing down deadlier and deadlier challenges.

Would you be tempted to try out the Pulp adventures of Savage Core 2?

"What's neat about this range of miniatures is that each of these is effectively a scenario set-up..."

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