Scale75 Add Four New Heroes To Fallen Frontiers

March 1, 2019 by brennon

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Scale75 have shown off four new heroes for the different factions in Fallen Frontiers. We're leading the way with Lee Jenkins for The Damned, a group of renegades and miscreants within the world.

Lee Jenkins - Scale75

This fellow rocks up with some heavy armour and a couple of big guns to use. I still don't get the idea of having such a relaxed stance when the character is meant to be in combat but I do appreciate how epic the model looks.

With all of those big expanses of flat armour for you to work on it will be great for those trying to tinker with camo patterns and of course some freehand work too.

Next, up for The Damned we have Val'n Dorr.

Valn Dorr - Scale75

Now she is a stylish looking character full of sass. I think these aliens from the Fallen Frontiers world are some of the best out there and Val'n Dorr shows off a tough, bad-ass looking female hero with her own agenda.

Moving towards some of the more defined factions within the game we have the dangerous looking Virus.

Virus - Scale75

Big and hulking black armour with blinking red lights has led to a fascinatingly dark character who you'd fear to meet on the tabletop. Whilst the concept art shows off the lights in red here it would be neat to try and twist things on their head where you paint him white (covered in gore of course) with blue blinking lights.

There is also Dexx Vogel for the Sayx joining the cause.

Dexx Vogel - Scale75

Again, one of the things that I don't really like about these miniatures is just how relaxed they are. I think it would have been more epic if they had been in firing poses or running towards combat. You have that unfortunate thing where these heroes suddenly look totally at odds with the troops on the battlefield.

As single figures worthy of a hobbyists attention, they're great, but as fighting figures, I'm not so sure.

What do you think?

"As single figures worthy of a hobbyists attention, they're great..."

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