Scale75 Grow Their Smog Rider WWII Character Range

July 15, 2019 by brennon

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Scale75 is expanding upon their Smog Riders WWII range with two more chibi characters for hobbyists and collectors to tinker with. The first of these is for the Japanese with Kenji Kimura.

Kenji Kimura - Scale75

Kenji has been sculpted up as a Japanese fighter pilot. Whilst I'm not sure that I would pick him as my favourite model from the bunch I do think it's a neat way to get people interested in the Historical side of wargaming by having models like this as an entry point. Maybe if you like painting him up you'll then be drawn towards looking at smaller scale Japanese models.

On the Soviet side of things, we have Katya Mosina who is done up as a pin-up looking sniper.

Katya Mosina - Scale75

All of the models from their range of WWII releases very much draw on the stereotypical look for each faction. You could imagine that these would have maybe been characters plastered on the side of buildings as poster characters during the war for example.

Could you see yourself snapping up either of these characters to paint up?

"Kenji has been sculpted up as a Japanese fighter pilot..."

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