LITKO Scares Up Some Spooky Gaming Aids

October 28, 2016 by stvitusdancern

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LITKO a company well known for making all kinds of gaming accessories has come up with some Halloween appropriate gaming aids. First is a Skull Card Tray for all of those games that have a card mechanic as an integral part of the game experience.

Heck, I would use it for casual games of Magic: The Gathering if I was playing a mono-black deck. Just adds that little extra statement of dark magic (pun intended). The card holder comes in two sizes and goes together without the need for glue.

The second item is the Cthulhu Dice Tower which again will add a nice ambiance to your horror games like our recently filmed Let's Play: Mansion of Madness 2nd Edition. It is rather stunning in the deep blue colour with all the Cthulu inspired markings etched into the acrylic.

Like other products from Litko, this one is designed to easily be assembled without glue and be disassembled and stored neatly in its own storage bag.

I love game accessories and especially ones that help set the mood for a better game experience.

What is your favourite gaming aid?

"...adds that little extra statement of dark magic"

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