Scibor Release a New Wave of Sci-Fi… er Knights

June 24, 2011 by dracs

Guys over at Scibor have been hard at work with three new sci-fi models now available.

First there is the Celtic Lord.

Sorry, but I just don't like it. To me the stance looks like he's dragging his foot behind him and the way he holds his gun just jars for me. He isn't even looking where he's pointing his gun.

Next up is the Centurion

Now this is a much better figure and I especially like the halberd. Even the shoulder pads aren't too over the top, which has always been a pet peeve of mine. Say what you like, I just don't think models should look like their heads would be crushed if anyone ever yelled "put your hands up for Detroit".

Over shadowing all of these is the Archangel.

I think this model looks fantastic. The stance is a little static and he looks slightly splayed footed, but over all it is just a really nice looking mini. I am especially impressed by the framing effect of the wings.

But that's enough of me nattering on, what do you guys think?

BoW Sam

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