Sean Astin & Iron GM Games Launch Grimmerspace Kickstarter

May 23, 2019 by brennon

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Iron GM Games has launched a new role-playing world on Kickstarter called Grimmerspace. A Sci-Fi world where magic has suddenly become a dangerous threat awaits and you can see the awesome Sean Astin introducing the game right above...

Grimmerspace - Iron GM Games

Grimmerspace is a world which takes your heroic Sci-Fi heroes and has them facing off against foes that they've never experienced before. Alien monsters and strange creatures from the edges of space are all in a days work for your heroes, but now magic has found its way into this spacefaring world and you've got new problems to deal with.

A mass of core books are available through the Kickstarter which take you deeper into the world of Grimmerspace which uses the Starfinder Role-Playing Game as its backbone. You can find out more about that from Paizo HERE.

Try Grimmerspace For Free

If you're interested in getting stuck into the world of Grimmerspace right now and giving it a go before you pledge then they've released Abattoir 8, a free adventure worth checking out.

Abattoir 8 PDF - Iron GM GAmes

As the first page of the PDF states, this is a game for mature audiences, packed with intense violence and gore. Sounds perfect for folks who love their horror movies! This adventure gives you a boot camp lesson in getting stuck into Grimmerspace and it looks insane.

Are you going to be checking out Grimmerspace?

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