Seb Games Brings Squad Tactics To Void 1.1

September 29, 2022 by avernos

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Void 1.1 is an old game with a great pedigree so much so that Seb Games took the license from Scotia Grendal to not just produce the miniatures but to revisit the rules and grow the game once more.

Void 1.1 // Squad Tactics

Building a Void army can be quite a challenging and time-consuming affair, but what if you want to start playing right out of the box? This is where VOID Squad Tactics kicks in!

Squad Tactics is a supplement to the main game of Void that focuses on small skirmishes. Players each command a single squad, leading it on infiltration missions, long-range recons, patrols, or simply fighting to survive on the vast battlefields of the Draconis Alba Galaxy.

The Rulebook for Squad Tactics is only 20 pages long, although you will need the main Void rules to use it. It is not however lacking in polish. The supplement is full colour and contains a mix of rules and narrative writing that makes it an excellent introduction to the universe of Void and to new players.

Two squads and three scenarios make it a fantastic starting point for people wanting to explore Void 1.1

Void 1.1 // Factions

VOID is set in a galaxy, centring on the Viridia Solaris-Leviathan binary star system and the colony worlds settled by the major powers.  It postulates a human species with no connection to Earth at all. Instead, they come from the world of Viridia, a lovely blue-green world third out from its sun, with lush vegetation, active vulcanism, plenty of water and an oxygen atmosphere. Colonists from Viridia first settled the world of Ironglass, a harsh desert planet fourth out from Viridia Solaris. Next, Prime, a strange, cold world, farthest out in their solar system, dense with an unusual compound called prime obsidian, a natural room-temperature superconductor, was discovered and colonized.

VASA, the Viridian Astronautics and Space Agency, was formed to regulate interplanetary commerce between the three worlds, and built a base on Vacillus, which circles the dead star Leviathan. The two colonies eventually attained independence from Viridia.

Ironglass developed into a harsh mining world, also specializing in salvage, thus their nickname, the Junkers.

Prime developed along hi-tech lines, specializing in robotics and cybernetics. Viridia serves as the 'bread-basket' of the system, as it is the only world with a naturally livable environment.

About this time, a space drive was developed which took advantage of Leviathan's deep, relatively stable gravity well. Leviathan became the gateway to the stars, and VASA, its key. Each world has engaged in a colonization program, although none more heavily than Ironglass. Recently, the farthest colonies encountered the Koralon, an enigmatic alien race of amphibians who use unique biotechnology and have established their own empire. This contact has resulted in a brutal war which the Koralon have thus far been winning. In order to preserve humanity, VASA has cut off the outer colony worlds, concentrating its defences on only the oldest and best-established colonies.

All of the rules are available to download for free in a variety of languages, including German, Italian, French, and Spanish as well English. Along with the Force books for the various factions so you can find out more about their history alongside their army lists.

I was always a fan of the Junkers and have a small force that couldn't really play out full Void 1.1 games, but now they have the ability to take to the table for Squad Tactics so I'm keen to revisit the worlds and punch a Koralon in the face!

If you've never heard of Void it's worth taking a look, as Seb Games push towards a new edition they have made everything available and the system is a solid large scale sci-fi skirmish game. The minis I expect will be a tad marmite as some of the sculpts are getting on for 30 years old now, but I've always been a fan of Kev's work and there is a lot to like about them and if they're not your cup of tea then there are plenty of others out there to proxy in and try to build your fortune with.

Fear the Legion of the Junkers, well go on start fearing!

"I was always a fan of the Junkers and have a small force that couldn't really play out full Void 1.1 games, but now they have the ability to take to the table for Squad Tactics so I'm keen to revisit the worlds and punch a Koralon in the face!"

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