Seb Games Go Hunting With Dwarven Herklan’s Foresters

October 11, 2022 by brennon

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Seb Games has expanded their range of 28mm Fantasy miniatures for Battle Havoc! and plenty of other wargames besides. A new range of Dwarves have been added into the mix in the form of Herklan's Foresters.

Herklans Foresters Painted - Seb Games

Herklan's Foresters - Painted // Seb Games

Pre-orders are live for a selection of new metal miniatures that would be grand to use as scouts, pathfinders and rangers within your Dwarven armies. At the heart of the collection is the new set of Troopers that are clad in a variety of animal furs, and with bows at the ready.

Herklans Foresters Troopers - Seb Games

Herklan's Foresters - Troopers // Seb Games

The miniatures from Seb Games have a solid Oldhammer look and feel to them. They would be perfect when put against a lot of the older ranges out there but I'd also say they are packed with enough detail to be up with some of the best out there right now too. It's all about the beards! Good beards make for excellent Dwarf miniatures.

You can also pick up the new Command set and Herklan himself!

Herklan - Seb Games

Herklan // Seb Games

Herklans Foresters Command - Seb Games

Herklan's Foresters - Command // Seb Games

This is a solid set of miniatures for those looking to build up a band of skirmishers. I think that these would be amazing when dropped into a Kings Of War army. You could use these, spread out around a woodland base, skirmishing forward to harry the enemy as they approach your main force.

Whilst elements of these new releases can be snapped up separately, they can also be bundled together into the Herklan's Foresters Regiment.

Herklans Foresters Regiment - Seb Games

Herklan's Foresters - Regiment // Seb Games

The Regiment comes with a free Skullcrusher miniature which is a nice little beardy bonus. The Battle Havoc! collection is very nice indeed and it would be great to see more folks using these miniatures in their armies, either for Battle Havoc! or something like Kings Of War.

Are you tempted by Herklan's Foresters?

"This is a solid set of miniatures for those looking to build up a band of skirmishers..."

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