Seb Games Preview The New Battle Havoc! BattleBox

August 9, 2021 by brennon

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Seb Games has been tinkering away on Battle Havoc! for a while now but they are also working on a new BattleBox! to get you started in their Fantasy wargame. Take a peek at what's included as part of the 28mm offering.

Battle Havoc Starter Box - Seb Games

Battle Havoc! Starter Box // Seb Games

Battle Havoc! itself is a quick and easy to learn Fantasy game that has you taking command of mighty armies on the tabletop. It uses alternative activations to keep both players absorbed in the action and implements a flexible basing system to make it easy to jump in with either a small selection of miniatures or a lot.

The 28mm Starter Box comes with twelve Dwarf Warriors, three Dwarf Crossbows, one Dwarf Champion, twelve Barbaric Orc Warriors, three Barbaric Orc Archers and one Barbaric Orc Shaman. It might look like a small selection of miniatures but the idea is that they represent a few hundred men across your whole body of troops. You could also just "fluff" it to be a smaller scale skirmish too.

You'll also find the Battle Havoc! Rulebook which has been updated for a new edition alongside counters, dice and MDF bases. The flexible basing system in the game is pretty handy as this means that if you're not a fan of 28mm you could play the game on a different scale entirely. Perhaps a bit of 10mm action?

If you want to learn more about Battle Havoc! then you can check out the Rules and Updated Army Lists for yourself. All of them are available for you to download.

Battle Havoc! In 28mm Scale

If you're interested in exploring the game in 28mm then you can already pick up a number of armies. Lizardmen and Wood Elves are in the mix but there are already two "starter armies" that you can choose from if you like the classic clash between Dwarves and Orcs.

Olafs Dwarf Expedition - Seb Games

Olaf's Dwarf Expedition // Seb Games

For example, get battling through mountain passes with Olaf's Dwarf Expedition. This set comes with Dwarf Hammerers, Dwarf Slayers, Dwarf Musketeers and Olaf the Dwarven Wizard. I am getting some serious Oldhammer vibes from these miniatures which can only be a good thing.

You can also play as their foes and perhaps pick up Daguff's Orc Warhost.

Daguffs Orc Warhost - Seb Games

Daguff's Orc Warhost // Seb Games

This set comes with Orc Warriors, Dark Orcs, Goblin Archers, a mighty Rock Troll and then Daguff the Orc Shaman. Both of these armies come in around the forty to fifty point range in Battle Havoc! so you can dive in and start playing with these warbands if you don't want to get the BattleBox.

More options are always good and it is well worth diving deeper into this collection as a whole. Are you tempted by Battle Havoc! and if you've already given it a go, how did you find the rules?

Drop your thoughts in the comments below...

"Are you tempted by Battle Havoc! and if you've already given it a go, how did you find the rules?"

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