Serve The Steel Seat With Unreleased Miniatures

May 22, 2019 by cassn

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Unreleased Miniatures are celebrating the end of eight seasons releasing a miniature that may be many things, but is definitely, 100%, completely not Ned Stark.


This Keeper of the Secret, complete with a greatsword that we guess is called 'Frozen Water', is a limited edition model from Unreleased Miniatures. I think this completely unique character looks just unique enough to actually be not-Ned Stark, while still being a really cool character, fit for any 'Competition of Chairs' game.

The Keeper of the Secret will be added for free to all Unreleased Miniature purchases greater than €35, and you can check him out in greater detail here.

Will The Keeper of The Secret be guarding your tabletop realm? Tell us what you think!

"A miniature fit for any 'Competition of Chairs' game!"

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