The Shadow Caste Join The Dragyri Of Dark Age [Updated]

August 6, 2016 by brennon

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At Gen Con the minds behind Dark Age previewed some of the new models coming your way for the Shadow Caste.

Updated - The Shadow Caste & The Huntress!

The team have now sent through some awesome studio images of them for you to check out and we've mingled them in with what we saw from the event.

Shadow Lineup Model

You may have already spied these as part of the Gen Con Live Blog but here's what we saw for the Shadow Caste the new sect of the Dragyri.

Shadow Caste

As you can see they are looking utterly fantastic. We have to focus in first on two of the bigger characters from this collection, namely the Huntress...

The Huntress

All of you guys loved the look of the Huntress. Everything about the posing is top notch and she looks like she's about to rip you apart.

Huntress Model

That is possibly one of the coolest models that we've seen from the world of Dark Age, packed with detail and movement. Additionally there was also the Umbra.


A very creepy looking character that seems like it has wandered out of a nightmare. The colour palette for this faction also looks fantastic; I do like purple.

Updated - Eerie Troops & Sneaky Spiders

Of course there are more than just big models within this collection. Here we have (from top left) The Death's Device of Shadows, Havik, Vespa, Raaf, Strega, and Naedrae.

The Death's Device of Shadows, Havik, Vespa, Raaf, Strega, Naedrae

Both the Raaf and the Strega really caught our attentions as it was nice to see them explore more of the foot troops for the Shadow Caste.

Raaf Model

Considering most of the models are wearing very little armour or indeed leather-like material it was ace to see a model with some beefier plate. The eerie purple glow across the model certainly adds to the creepy feeling you get from this faction.

Strega Model

We also have this collection here showing off the Keeper, Amabilla, and a Greater Spiderling Minion.

Keeper, Amabilla, Greater Spiderling Minion

Delving deeper into the look of these Spiderlings and their mistress you can see Amabilla in more detail as she clutches the spider in her hands, ready to tell it who its next meal is no doubt.

Amabilia and Spiderling Model

Still on the smaller scale you can also see the Gatherer, Spirit Lord, and the Lesser Spiderling Minion.

Gatherer, Spirit Lord, Lesser Spiderling Minion

The Spirit Lord was one of the characters we could only glimpse in the background but we've now got a better look at her. I like the powerful pose of the model, it's rather commanding. Almost as if she is about to dominate your mind!

Spirit Lord of Shadow Model

Basically this could well become THE faction to check out for Dark Age.

What do you think?

"A very creepy looking character that seems like it has wandered out of a nightmare..."

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