A ShadowSea Fortune Hunter Dives into The Beautiful Depths

April 18, 2012 by brennon

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Check out another painted miniature from ShadowSea in the form of the Fortune Hunter Deep Soldier. This is quite a fantastic looking piece...

Fortune Hunter Deep Soldier (Front)

Fortune Hunter Deep Soldier (Rear)

This Fortune Hunter is quite the stunning piece. I love the attention to detail on the base and the way they have gone to great lengths to make it look like he is underwater with the glow across the armour. A fantastic looking miniature which could be facing off against some of these beasties. Check out some more amazing Art Work from the game below...

Atalan Commander

Dagathonan Brute


Eurypterid Razor Claw

Hag Ray

Some truly fantastic pieces of art work that really serve to evoke the feeling of peril beneath the waves. Plenty of original ideas and exciting prospects to look forwards to in this game.

How are you liking the look of this game?

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