Black Scorpion Share Their Salute Wares This Weekend!

April 12, 2018 by brennon

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Black Scorpion is going to be coming along to Salute this year with some awesome bits and bobs for you. We start with a new Fantasy Football team as they add Ogres into the mix...

Ogre Fantasy Football Team - Black Scorpion Miniatures

As with pretty much everything Black Scorpion do, they have an awesome eye for character and detail. I think you'll see that in their Ogres here and the poor Goblins that have to fight alongside them on the pitch.

Salute Exclusive

You will also be able to pick up an exclusive miniature from Black Scorpion. This gruff sailor chap looks ready for an adventure!

Salute Limited Edition Miniature - Black Scorpion Miniatures

If you're a fan of Cutlass! then I imagine he will find his way into your crew sooner or later. Any man who can heft a cannon like that can't be ignored right!?


As well as that fellow this will also be the first BIG outing for Tombstone this year. There are loads of different models in this release and most of them you can see over on their website, but I picked out my favourites with these Female Gunslingers...

Tombstone Female Characters - Black Scorpion Miniatures

...and the hauntingly awesome Undead Cowboys!

Tombstone Undead Characters - Black Scorpion Miniatures

You can either dive into Tombstone as a Historical game or throw a bit of the Pulp & Weird into it with these fellows. Who wouldn't want to clash against spectral shooters?

Are you going to be stopping by the Black Scorpion booth at Salute?

"This gruff sailor chap looks ready for an adventure!"

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