Shark Men & Samurai Coming To Bushido This Month

April 13, 2021 by brennon

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GCT Studios has been showing off some new miniatures which are going to be added to their webstore on 17th April before shipping out in May. A new themed warband for Bushido is coming up alongside a bunch of characters for various factions.

Yuta Of Yurei Themed Warband - Bushido

Yuta Of Yurei Themed Warband // Bushido

Three terrible sisters haunt the darkest places of Jwar and are able to combine their powers in order to cast potent spells. Their feats of Ki enable them to summon forth the dead and turn them into monstrous foes that sprint rather than shuffle!

Raw Power & Revenge

Next up, we have the towering form of the Eldest Brother.

Eldest Brother - Bushido

Eldest Brother // Bushido

The origins of Eldest Brother are shrouded in mystery but he is loyal to Shiho Hiroto. As you might have guessed by his stature, Eldest Brother is a brute in combat although he is able to temper his rage and act with thought and purpose thanks to his time spent within the temple.

Talking of Shiho Hiroto, we also have a preview of the deadly Black Eagle.

Shiho Hiroto - Bushido

Shiho Hiroto // Bushido

Wearing his fallen father's battle armour, Hiroto marches across the isles seeking revenge. As well as being a capable fighter in his own right, he is also able to offer your warband a selection of command options too. An older warrior with years of experience is never a bad thing.

Savagery And Snakes

If you prefer to just get savage then you might also find Hitokuchi a fun new ally to have to hand!

Hitokuchi - Bushido

Hitokuchi // Bushido

Don't let his size fool you. Hitokuchi can dive into melee with speed and efficiency. His savage nature is linked directly to the spirit of the Great White Shark which has taken over his body. He can also eat what he kills, feeding on their bodies and healing himself in battle.

Maybe you'd like to call on the services of Ook?

Ook - Bushido

Ook // Bushido

Most of the Bakeomono are tricksy and untrustworthy but Ook is constantly loyal to the Bakemono's cause. Despite his more diminutive size, Ook is a seriously badass melee option for your warband and he can also hold his own in defensive situations too.

Last but not least, we have Ito Akane...

Ito Akane - Bushido

Ito Akane // Bushido

Akane is a cruel and dangerous foe, like many of her kind. She loves sticking her enemies with her poisoned spear and watching them die slowly. If even one point of damage gets through your armour it could spell death for even the toughest of warriors.

There are some excellent miniatures popping up for Bushido this month which add plenty of character to a range of factions. I think that Hitokuchi might be my favourite though! If you're interested in Bushido, you can actually check out the rules for yourself HERE.

Which of these new Bushido releases is your favourite?

"I think that Hitokuchi might be my favourite!"

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