Shieldwolf Miniatures Show Off Mighty Monsters & Artillery

July 8, 2020 by brennon

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Shieldwolf Miniatures has three new options for you to check out if you like the idea of building up the savage armies of the Orcs and Krimvaal Northern Alliance in your Fantasy games. We start with the Orcs and their Mountain Brutgoth which is a powerful creature bent on destruction.

Mountain Brutgoth - Shieldwolf Miniatures.jpg

Mountain Brutgoth // Shieldwolf Miniatures

This is a massive resin beast which comes with a separate howdah which can hold four of their multi-part Mountain Orcs. These come included and give you some savage creatures which are just about able to tame this beast and focus it towards their enemies. It is a mighty war machine and well worth including in your 9th Age armies and beyond.

Shieldwolf Miniatures - Beasts & Ballista

For the Shieldmaidens of the Krumvaal Northern Alliance, we also have some monsters. They have been able to bring the Lower Yetis from their caves in order to battle with interlopers to your domain.

Lower Yetis - Shieldwolf Miniatures.jpg

Lower Yetis // Shieldwolf Miniatures

Again, these are resin miniatures and I absolutely love them as a big battering ramp which you can include in your collection. The detail work on their faces and such is great and I think that with a good bit of drybrushing you could make their weapons and fur also look top-notch.

Additionally, with so many big monsters raging around on the battlefield, you might also need something like this Shieldmaiden Ballista to take them down.

Shieldmaiden Ballista With Crew - Shieldwolf Miniatures.jpg

Shieldmaiden Ballista With Crew // Shieldwolf Miniatures

Despite how big some of these monsters may be, they still go down with a few big oversized arrows in their side. I have always liked the look of these kinds of artillery pieces in Fantasy games, smashing down monsters from afar.

What do you make of their Shieldwolf Miniatures range in general?

"Despite how big some of these monsters may be, they still go down with a few big oversized arrows in their side..."

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