A New Shoggoth Rises Out of Fenris

April 15, 2015 by dracs

Fenris Games have summoned another Shoggoth onto their webstore, this one caught in the act of rising up out of some unspeakable depths to terrorize an unfortunate investigator.

Shoggoth Rising

This is Fenris' fifth take on the shapeless Lovecraftian horrors and is possibly their most cinematic, sculpted half in and half out of a dark hole or subterranean surface.

The model itself is roughly dome shaped with three white metal tentacles attached to the slimy mass of pustules and eyes. Once painted I am sure the sight of this would give Lovecraft himself nightmares.

What are your thoughts on Fenris' attempt to capture one of Lovecraft's amorphous monsters?

"The sight of this would give Lovecraft himself nightmares."

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