A Shotgun Preview from Victoria Miniatures

June 4, 2012 by brennon

Victoria Miniatures has an interesting collection of bits and pieces used for adapting your models and giving them an original spin. Check out what's coming in the future with this awesome looking Shotgun...

Victoria Miniatures Shotgun Preview

Everyone loves Shotguns. Useful for killing during a zombie invasion of course, but they are fantastically cool weapons. The weapon itself has a good mix of Steampunk and Sci-Fi to it allowing for a few different uses.

Tannenburg Fusilier

They also showed off the Tannenburg Fusilier made from a collection of different pieces included in their range. It shows just what you can do with their awesome components. There's also more to come for this group it seems so stay tuned!

What do you think to the Victoria Miniatures line?

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