Undertake Sigmar’s Great Quest With Dacian Anvil Soon

October 14, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop dropped another little morsel of awesomeness for those who like Age Of Sigmar this past weekend too. Here we have a preview of Dacian Anvil, a new Knight-Questor model for those playing Stormcast Eternals.

Dacian Anvil #1 - Games Workshop

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This new character comes clad in his specially forged Knight-Questor armour wielding mighty weapons gifted to him by the God-King himself. Knight-Questor's are a pretty cool element of the Stormcast Eternal army, sent on special missions by Sigmar and fully focused on the task at hand. Perhaps with the new Soulbound RPG coming from Cubicle 7 this is a nice hint towards a range of characters that could be used alongside that roleplaying experience. I doubt it, but it would be nice!

Dacian Anvil #2 - Games Workshop

Dacian Anvil is a nice departure from the other Knight-Questor we've seen from Games Workshop who was previously available in Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower. Gone are the big cloak and helmet (and the shield) in favour of a more characterful individual.

I like the addition of the accessories around his belt too with maps guiding him on his journey plus the book hanging from the rear. I do like myself a good book to paint.

What do you think of Dacian Anvil and how do you see Games Workshop releasing him?

"I do like myself a good book to paint..."

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