Battling Skaven & Flesh-Eating Ghouls Rise In Carrion Empire

February 4, 2019 by brennon

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We're delving down into the tunnels and caves beneath the Mortal Realms as Games Workshop showed off more from Carrion Empire coming up for pre-order this weekend alongside loads of additional content for Age Of Sigmar players.

Carrion Empire - Age Of Sigmar

The Carrion Empire box that you can see above has you playing as either the Flesh-Eater Courts or the scampering Skaven, battling it out with two very different forces. This is intended as an entry level experience into the world of Age Of Sigmar and it certainly offers up a very diverse range of options when it comes to painting and gaming.

The set comes with two unique leader characters that you can see in the foreground above and whilst I like that they've got a nice range of monsters and machines I can't help but feel like the Skaven are going to seriously kick ass with this array of toys to play with.

Battletomes & Spells

Both of the factions above are going to be getting themselves up-to-date Battletomes which work within the new edition of the game.

Skaven Battletome - Age Of Sigmar

As well as all of the rules for these forces contained within these books you'll also get all of the background for the factions too and some hobby tips too. Whilst these aren't needed to play the game, they do give you more options going forward if you want to really embrace what Age Of Sigmar can offer as a hobby.

Flesh-Eater Courts Battletome - Age Of Sigmar

We've got a lot of the team members in the office interested in playing games of Age Of Sigmar and maybe this will be enough to tip a few of them towards the Grand Alliances of both Death and Chaos.

In addition to the new books, each faction is also going to be unlocking the potential within a range of new Endless Spells which will be rampaging across the battlefield.

Skaven Endless Spells - Age Of Sigmar

One hopes that the Skaven ones are just as devastating to your own side as they are the opponents. It wouldn't be Skaven otherwise! The Flesh-Eater Courts also get their own Endless Spells which look suitably gore themed and bloody. Those undead horses, in particular, look like they're going to be fun to paint up.

Death Endless Spells - Age Of Sigmar

Both factions also unlock some new terrain features which are suited to their armies too. The Skaven get themselves these Gnawholes which look like good place for them to spring from during battle...

Skaven Gnawholes - Age Of Sigmar

...and the Flesh-Eater Courts also find themselves languishing atop the Carnal Throne, awaiting the next victims to enter their realm. You could have a lot of fun with underground battles with these two forces as one steps into the realm of the other unknowingly!

Carnal Throne - Age Of Sigmar

On top of the terrain, Endless Spells and Carrion Empire itself there's also the additional bits and bobs for those who like to bling up their forces. Warscroll Cards, Tokens and also some themed dice are also on the way if you want to seriously show your loyalty.

Skaven Dice - Age Of Sigmar

It's certainly a good time to be a Chaos or Death fan as these offer up some fun alternatives to the forces of Nagash or the Dark Gods like Khorne and Nurgle. Whether or not they're going to be very effective on the battlefield is yet to be seen but I'm sure some diehard Age Of Sigmar players in the comments can offer some tactical advice.

What do you think of the new releases?

"It's certainly a good time to be a Chaos or Death fan as these offer up some fun alternatives..."

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