Skirmish Outbreak Survivors Now On Kickstarter

July 13, 2016 by stvitusdancern

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Skirmish Outbreak, a joint effort by Dishdash Publishing (Used to be Radio Dishdash ) and The Phalanx Consortium. It is a miniatures based zombie apocalypse game. The rules were introduced at last year's Gen Con, to which I got a copy along with some minis. This Kickstarter is for the guys to get help to fund a new line of miniatures for the game, the Survivors.

The survivors will consist of 10 new miniatures and if the funding hits its target a really nice collectors box.

We all know that zombie games are pretty hot right now and there are a few to choose from, but I like the ruleset for Skirmish Outbreak, they give you a little more freedom of play than other games do. It can be played where the Zeds (slow moving zombies) and Ragers (think the fast moving zombies from World War Z movie) have the freedom of a true miniatures game where you can set up a game table however you would like.

There is also a little RPG like play sprinkled in. What makes this game unique is that the zombies can be played either by A.I. or by another player. So, this means you could technically play the game solo when you have trouble getting someone to play a game with.


The miniatures that they are looking to produce are ten survivors...

Charles Brown (CeeBee) his dog Bailey and his wife Lulu. Nothing like keeping zombie killing and surviving the apocalypse in the family.

You also have the Gasmask Survivor and The Weatherman who is wielding a rather large fire axe.

The next two represent other groups in out population, a female police officer and a Shotgun Boy.

Now, no self respecting apocalypse would not be complete without the representation from the churches of the world.

The last two fine fellows give you a little more flavor in the ways of weapons and fighting skills and abilities.


All of these miniatures will add a lot of flavor to the game. Having backed the last Kickstarter for the for Dishdash Games, The Day of the Rangers and having met the guys, Colin and Chris you cannot go wrong backing this. I promised I would write up a review of Skirmish Outbreak as well as Skirmish Sangin and the new expansion, and I will soon.

But in the mean time take a hop over to the Kickstarter page and take a look for yourself, I believe you will not be disappointed.

Do you play post-apocalyptic games?

"It has the freedom of a true miniatures game..."

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