Skull & Crown Triumphs Over The Apocalypse

September 18, 2019 by avernos

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Thomas Foss from Skull & Crown Stratagems is returning to the grave with a Kickstarter to herald the Apocalypse with the Triumph Of Death 2: Apocalypse

Skull & Crown Stratagems - Cover

Back in 2017, with the help of sculptor Drew Day Williams, Thomas set about recreating the visions of Renaissance artists like Breguel and Holbein on the tabletop for a unique vision of a medieval undead army and now he has returned with a view to fleshing out (see what I did there?) the range.

Skull & Crown Stratagems Command 1

Infantry form the backbone of many armies and the undead are no different, with a wine swigging champion and a flautist who appears to be using a femur as a musician they're one of three new command groups. The perfect trio to lead a unit of pike perhaps?

Skull & Crown Stratagems Pikes

The pikes are beautiful sculpts and allow you to form a hedgehog any unit would think twice about attacking, before running and shrieking into the hills. With making them open-handed the pikes could be reduced to spears if the system you plan to use them in doesn't have the option for pikes.

Covering their advance, from behind their pavises, are skeleton crossbowmen. Considering the lack of muscle it makes far more sense to point and click a crossbow than to have to rely on a serious lack of muscle.

Skull & Crown Stratagems Crossbows

Don't think it's only foot troops that are joining the ranks of the undead, Skull & Crown have lined up several other packs for release. The eponymous Generals of the Apocalypse should be familiar to most people.

Skull & Crown Stratagems Generals of the Apocalypse

They're supported by some (very) light cavalry in the form of dart armed and bow armed skeletons, there is even a cannon being worked on and several stretch goals already unlocked with more previewed.

Skull & Crown Stratagems Horse Archers

With more to come and the ability to dip into the previous Kickstarter, if you missed it first time around, this is an ideal opportunity to pick up a really unique and characterful force of undead for your games. I could easily see this on Kings of War or a Frostgrave table, and they would make a fantastic set of miniatures for Saga: Age of Magic.

Will you be assembling these Ex-Men?

"...a unique vision of a medieval undead army and now he has returned with a view to fleshing out (see what I did there?) the range"

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